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Term of use

Term of use

Establishment of the User Agreement
This Website User Agreement ( "User Agreement" ) is an agreement concluded between the user and the website (referred to as the "website" (hereinafter referred to as "Party A" , jointly referred to as the "Parties" ) on the website providing service to the user, and the user shall carefully read the User Agreement. When you use this website, you have read, understood, and agreed to accept all of the Terms of Service.


Modification of the User Agreement
Party A reserves the right to change, modify, add or remove the terms of this User Agreement at any future time in its own judgment. All modifications to the terms of the Agreement constitute a part of this User Agreement. Party A shall have the right to modify the terms under the User Agreement at any time. In case of the terms changes, Party A shall prompt the revised contents to Party B [ through the website] . The continued use of the services provided by Party A through the website shall be deemed as its consent to Party A's modification to the User Agreement.


Service content
Party A shall use its operating system to provide various services (hereinafter referred to as "services") to users through the Internet and mobile Internet. Unless otherwise specified, this user agreement applies to any new features that enhance or enhance the current services.


User assurance
The information provided by users is accurate, complete, true and legal. There is no false, fraudulent, harassing, slandering, injurious, defamatory, insulting, threatening, vulgar and obscene information or content that violates the law, public order and good customs or social ethics. There is no virus that endangers the security, integrity, stability and continuity of the network or computer system Trojan programs and other computer software, documents or other data.


The user has complete and independent rights to the information provided by the user, or has been legally authorized by the relevant obligee. The user guarantees that Party A's use of the information provided by the user will not infringe the legitimate rights of any third party, and will not violate the agreement between the user and any third party.


Intellectual property
The user does not have any rights to the trademark, trade name, logo, pattern, name and domain name of this website (hereinafter referred to as "party a logo") owned by Party A or its affiliated enterprises. This user agreement does not grant the user any rights or interests related to Party A's logo. Without the prior written consent of Party A, the user shall not use Party A's logo in any publicity or promotion materials, publications or media.


Any information, text, graphics and other website contents contained in this website are protected by copyright law, trademark law and / or other intellectual property law and other relevant laws, and the relevant rights belong to Party A or its related parties or the content provider. Without the prior consent of Party A or the relevant obligee, the user shall not copy, distribute, disseminate, modify, edit, directly or indirectly publish or play such content in any media, or use such content for any commercial purpose.


With the prior consent of Party A or the relevant obligee and on the basis of following the instructions of Party A or the relevant obligee, the user may copy or distribute the contents of the website (including but not limited to all relevant electronic documents, advertising Manifesto and this user agreement), but the user must ensure that the copied and distributed contents are complete and authentic.


 Limitation of liability
Based on the characteristics and technical status of the Internet, Party A will try its best, but it can not guarantee that the services provided to users are continuous, instant and accurate, that the defects will be corrected in time, and that the services or servers provided will not be attacked by viruses or hackers. The service and website content shall be provided according to the current situation, and Party A shall not guarantee the accuracy, integrity, satisfactory quality, non infringement or suitability for a special purpose of the service or website content in any form.


Party A reserves the right to modify, increase or decrease, cancel, suspend, interrupt or terminate the services provided (in whole or in part) by the website at any time, and Party A will give appropriate notice to the users. However, Party A does not need to obtain the user's consent when exercising the above rights, and does not assume any responsibility for the users.


Party A will provide accurate information on this website as far as possible. The appearance and pictures of the houses involved in this website may be different from the real objects. The effect demo and schematic diagram are for reference only. The appearance and pictures of the houses must be subject to the real objects.


Party A shall not be held responsible for any legal act, including but not limited to the transaction with the third party, which occurs between the user and the third party through the external link of this website. Party A does not guarantee or assume any responsibility for any content, advertisement, product or other information existing in or derived from this external link website or resource.


The user hereby acknowledges and accepts that Party A provides the website information service to the user [free of charge] for the convenience of the user, and Party A and its related parties shall not be liable for any loss suffered by the user due to the use of the website, including but not limited to any damage, liability, request, loss or expense caused by the delay, inaccuracy, error and omission of the website content or service.


In case of any kind of claims, demands, costs, expenses, losses, lawsuits, government investigations and / or penalties, damages and liabilities arising from the user's violation of the user agreement of this website against or borne by Party A or its related parties, the user shall compensate Party A or its related parties (including but not limited to lawyers' and consultants' fees), And the user shall defend for Party A to protect Party A from damage.


Party A's notice to users may be in the form of e-mail, page announcement, regular letter or as Party A thinks fit.


Application and jurisdiction of law
The interpretation and implementation of this user agreement shall be governed by the laws of the people's Republic of China. This user agreement and any additional terms and conditions published in this website constitute the entire agreement between Party A and users on the use of this website. If the content of this agreement is inconsistent with the applicable mandatory legal provisions, the mandatory legal provisions shall prevail. Any dispute arising from the performance of this Agreement shall be settled by both parties through negotiation; If the negotiation fails, either party may bring a lawsuit to the people's Court of the place where Party A is located.