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Power Performance Test
The performance index of power product is decide the product quality, so it is very important to accurately test performance index in every stage to make sure that the product performance is conform to design index. Energy efficiency index includes power factor, input power, input voltage and etc.
Power factor is the ratio of the effective power of load loss and apparent power. The test result of power factor can determine whether the product meets the requirements of the certification indicator.
Input power and input voltage is the important indicator to determine work efficiency in various voltage conditions. The work efficiency of power source product is directly related with the device selection and product structure, which is one of the important indicators of the products. Electrical property test measures the basic index and key electric potential, acquire high precisely potential information, high sampling rate restore key electric waveform can present the real performance of product. Ripples analysis, regulation test and loop test are one of key index of electrical property test.
Reliability Test of Power Source
Product should have aging test in developing stage and mass production stag, to verify reliability of product and calculate product working life. EMC test is to check the ability of product which can operate under a complex electromagnetic environment and does not cause the unacceptable electromagnetic interferential capability to other devices.
EMC test is tough process of power source product, how to locate radiation source and propagation path for engineers quickly and reliably is crucial.
Power Component Measurement
Power component is the core part of power source product. It services energy conversion, analyze and master the electrical physical characteristics and working loss, these functions are particularly important for the development power source product. The resistance-capacitance-impedance characteristics of power component in specific frequency will directly affect the design indexes of power source product. It is necessary to accurately test the resistance-capacitance-impedance indexes of power devices in both product development and manufacturing stages.Power component is the main loss source of power supply product. To testify the product quality, it is necessary to accurately test the dynamic loss of power devices under various working conditions.Insulation characteristics of power devices is a very important electrical performance parameter, which directly affects the safety performance of products. It’s a performance index that needs extra attention in product development.