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Internet of Things
Test Requirements In IoT Design Circle
The test solutions in the field of Internet of things cover wireless communications, automotive market, smart home, wearable devices, medical care and other fields. In terms of the product development process, it is usually divided into several stages: Node Development, Device Integration Network connectivity and EMC Pre-Compliance. Each stage has unique testing needs requiring unique test tools.
Whether a student, entrepreneur, or professional engineer,power up components, test connections, emulate and verify analog and digital signals with versatile and professional test bench instruments for IoT design become a fundamental demand.
UNI-T Iot Test Portfolio
According to different needs, Uni-Trend provides different product portfolios to ensure customer investment return. You can build the Internet of things at all stages of the R&D circle ensures performance, reliability and to market faster with Uni-Trend portfolio.
Power Component Measurement
Power component is the core part of power source product. It services energy conversion, analyze and master the electrical physical characteristics and working loss, these functions are particularly important for the development power source product. The resistance-capacitance-impedance characteristics of power component in specific frequency will directly affect the design indexes of power source product. It is necessary to accurately test the resistance-capacitance-impedance indexes of power devices in both product development and manufacturing stages.Power component is the main loss source of power supply product. To testify the product quality, it is necessary to accurately test the dynamic loss of power devices under various working conditions.Insulation characteristics of power devices is a very important electrical performance parameter, which directly affects the safety performance of products. It’s a performance index that needs extra attention in product development.