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NeptuneLab Inteligent Teaching System
The new B / S architecture and NeptuneLab cloud technology can realize the resource sharing of different schools, the real-time online service function of laboratories in multiple campuses, all test instruments are linked by LAN interface via internet of intranet which is equipped by all test equipments, The experiment can be realized by open style controlled format without range and distance limitations, the NeptuneLab environment can expand its all-round test and management capabilities, combined with the latest Internet technology, cross platform access is realized, various intelligent devices are supported. NeptuneLab is based on virtualized instrument control. Not only meet the meaning of "Virualization", but also help students to develop the concept of "Automation" accopanied with real practical experience.
Basic Education Solutions
As the largest electronic testing and measuring instrument enterprise in Asia, uni-t's testing instrument products have been widely recognized in the world, especially in China's education market. Uni-t continuously invests a lot of R & D resources every year to ensure that it provides customers with high-quality solutions.
From bench oscilloscopes for basic measurement to digital multimeters, waveform generators, data loggers, etc., UNI-T provides complete solutions to ensure that your laboratory adapts to the changing curriculum environment. UNI-T's cost-effective testing instruments solutions provide strong support for talent training in various colleges and universities.