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Automotive Stimulated Signal Simulation
Automobile sensor can output the signals of the changes of various amplitude, frequency and duty cycle and transmit the information of work condition. UTG9000T function/arbitrary waveform generator is built with multiple automobile electronic arbitrary waveform, which enables user to adjust parameters of input signals, simulate the change of sensor and validate the work characteristics of control circuit.
Automotive Drive Systems
The size and timing of ignition pulse are very important for the normal work of engine. UNI-T digital storage oscilloscope, with high-voltage probe, can be used to capture ignition pulse shape of each spark plug and accurately measure time interval. With current probe, the oscilloscope can also detect the output and fluctuation of battery system current.
Automotive ECU Design
With the use of a large number of electronic control unit ECUs, communication and coordination between the control modules have become an important work content in automotive electronic design. In addition to conventional protocol analyzers, engineers need a tool that can simultaneously observe transmission protocols and various sensor analog signal waveforms. UNI-T can provide you with:
·Triggering and decoding of CAN, LIN and FlexRay protocols;
· Handheld oscilloscope for automotive wiring test, portable and easy to operate;
· Current probe to measure large current safely;
· Hand-held battery tester for maintenance of charging and starting system.
· Thermal Imager helps engineers fast detect the potential fault caused by overheating, and diagnose the functions from heatable parts such as rear window defoggers, seat heater etc.