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Intelligent Manufacturing

Intelligent Manufacturing

The development goal of industrial manufacturing in future is to replace traditional manufacturing with high-integrated and intelligent manufacturing system, which saves labor and time cost and improve work efficiency.
Various measuring devices get access to related product data during production and feedback the measurement data to intelligent system via network communication, which improve test efficiency and meet stricter quality standards. UNI-T provides test and measurement device with standard SCPI instruction set to help make a customized intelligent test system.UNI-T products have different communication interfaces (LAN, RS-232 and USB Device interface) and are compatible with SCPI and Modbus communication instruction, which ensures the good compatibility of test devices in system integration of automation test of production line.
Automatic Test Equipment Solutions

Automatic Test Equipment Solutions

Another significant market UNI-T serves is supporting ATE System Integrators,the applicable scenarios include new energy vehicles, green batteries, semiconductors / IC, laser diodes, LED, solar energy, optical components, power electronics, passive components, electrical safety regulations, thermoelectric temperature control and other test solutions.
Specific supporting products include Programming AC / DC power supply, DC electronic load, Oscilloscope, Multimeter, data loggers, Power meter, etc.
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